Cloud Accounting & Digitization

It is now widely accepted that the Accounting and Bookkeeping industry has been irrevocably altered after taking digital impact. The days are not far when manual accounting will be done away with, forever!

Cloud platforms, available in plenty, allow the accounting industry to lay down new rules of the game for professional practices. How does this impact the composition of the team that practices need to have for remaining competitive and driving growth?SmartLabs Consulting offers three competencies that are key drivers of performance for your business:

We are Tech Savvy:

Tech-savvyness does not come naturally to most people trained in accounting. Most accountants would prefer to stay within the technology environment they got familiar with. This is why in every geography there has been a dominant accounting application with over 80% share of the small business market. This is of course changing.

We are Resourceful:

Having a collaboration mindset and willing to learn and use new apps and approaches with people in a connected network is the greatest skill that we bring to the table. This also means being aware of the app landscape and continual skilling up in a few at a time.

We possess workflow and process competency:

This one is more engineering than accounting! The success of every organisation lies in the efficient integration of process, systems, technology and people. We, on the stakeholders’ behalf, step-in and bring the house to order within a short period of time thus ensuring a predictable, optimised business outcome.

We invite you to leverage our experience and capability for your organization.